The Benefits of Avocado

The more you get to know about avocado the more you’ll realize it’s a true super food. Plus, it’s full of healthy fat from a whole food source, they taste great too. You can enjoy them savory or sweet and everything in between. Even though avocado is high in fat, it’s all healthy, good for […]

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Turmeric – The Golden Spice

Turmeric, the golden spice, Indian saffron, curcumin is an amazing vibrant yellow spice that is full of flavor. It has a mild aroma mixed with hints of orange and ginger with a strong, spicy, bitter flavor. It has been used for centuries in India, where 80 percent of all the turmeric in the world is […]

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Versatility of Lemons

I am sure in these modern times many of us have heard the word scurvy from time to time, most likely in history books or in the occasional pirate movie. Lemons that were brought to the Americas back in the 16th century were one of the primary preventives of the nasty aliment. Scurvy is caused […]

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The Wonders of Water

WHY WATER IS AN IMPORTANT WORLD RESOURCE After air, without which we cannot survive for more than a few minutes, water is our second most essential natural resource. Our planet is the only one with enough water to support life as we know it and our atmosphere locks it to the surface. Other planets, which […]

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Low Carb Living

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of the adult American population is obese. What’s worse is that children are suffering more than ever from obesity too. This is an epidemic plaguing not only America but all over the world. Our children are now more likely to suffer from diabetes, […]

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Healing Power of Honey

Bees produce a thick and golden liquid called honey that is highly enjoyed, consumed and used by people around the world. Honey is produced by bees because they use it as a food source during the fall and winter; when no flowers are blooming. This golden liquid is created from the nectar of flowers and […]

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Green Tea – Taking a Healthy Sip

As humans get more technologically advanced we become more sedentary. The more sedentary we are the worse our health becomes. Technology has made our lives easier but this comes with a price. We no longer go out and hunt our food, work endlessly on farms to pick fruits and vegetables or walk for miles a […]

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Foods That Fight Fatigue

Nothing is worse than feeling tired all the time. Most of us work way too hard and it shows. We have jobs, side gigs, family, friends and more, all going on simultaneously. Often, due to all the things we are responsible for we forget about taking care of ourselves. We tend to join the midday […]

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